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Daniel Paschal – Space Paintings

We are proud to represent Daniel Paschal, a California artist, on Kelly’s Collectibles and Online Art Gallery. Daniel specializes in all things space: black holes, different types of stars, planets, and supernovas.

Artist Beginnings

I was born in San Bernardino, California but raised in Anderson, Indiana. We moved to Indiana when I was about four years old so I never really got to know California. I always wanted to move back and I had the opportunity back in 2000.

I’ve always been drawn to art, no pun intended, being that I have always liked to draw. Most of the time it would just be doodles, but if I felt inspired sometimes I would draw people. It took time to learn, but I got shading down after so long. Essentially I was self-taught when it came to drawing and always liked to learn new techniques.

Different Techniques of Outer Space Paintings

I didn’t pick painting back up until about 2019 when I heard about black 2.0 from the company culture hustle. I was intrigued and I bought my first bottle and started painting. Granted I was just painting everything black, but I wanted to see just how this paint would work so I would pick up things from thrift stores and paint them black. Sometimes I would restore them or rebuild them, but still, I would paint them black. Eventually, I moved on to actual painting and try to a wide variety of different techniques. I wouldn’t say that I have one favorite technique because in a lot of my paintings I use a variety of different styles. Sometimes I might start with an acrylic pouring, then hand paint some elements and/or airbrush them.  In fact, I just recently learned a new type of technique using acrylic paint that is similar to watercolor.

Daniel Paschal’s Inspiration

As for what inspires me, it literally could be anything. I could be driving around and see a fascinating cloud formation. Sometimes just the sunset and the placement of clouds creating a cascade of colors. And on occasion sometimes a dream that hit me hard enough that it inspired me to paint. a few paintings were actually inspired by an author, HP Lovecraft to be exact.  And some paintings have been inspired by photography that I’ve done in the past. I used to go around and take long exposures of the town I live in. The long exposures would create an illusion of emptiness, no cars no people, as long as they are moving they would basically disappear. Occasionally someone might be moving slow enough that they appear as a ghost image. This technique of photography has inspired me in some of my paintings as well as the ones that I’m working on currently.

Daniel Paschal Original Acrylic Painting Outer Space Shaggoth

Daniel Paschal Birth of a Shaggoth Abstract 16×20 Acrylic Space Painting

Artist Statement of Daniel Paschal

Outer space is always been an interest of mine. Things like black holes, different types of stars, planets, supernovas, etc… Even things like the fact that there is a void in space that scientists can’t explain. And black holes, they’ve always been theoretical and now they have proof that they exist.

Add to my fascination with space, I also enjoy fiction. Especially the work of HP Lovecraft which I mentioned earlier. His work falls under the category of cosmic horror. I also enjoy movies that follow this category. Work of this nature, whether it is a book or movie, is entertaining to me because of the mystery of it all. Unlike other science fiction and horror movies, cosmic horror leaves things up to your imagination. Books barely describe the creatures or entities and the movies either don’t show at all or show bits and pieces but not all of the creatures. Leaving it all up to you to piece together in your mind what you think it would look like.


I have incorporated this line of thinking in some of my work, but a lot of my paintings are inspired by just my imagination and what I think possible planets or solar systems would look like.

One piece of art, in particular, the Gateway, incorporates this by the means of an infinity mirror that I built into the painting. The painting itself is of space with interstellar dust, and the outer rims look like the accretion disk of a black hole. And when you turn the infinity mirror on it creates the illusion of a portal, a long tunnel branching off into infinity, and where it ends or more it leads to who knows.

Daniel Paschal Acrylic Painting Space Woman Lightening Elemental

Daniel Paschal Elemental Abstract 20×16 Acrylic Painting Woman in Light Streams

Artist’s Technique

I don’t confine myself to one technique. My paintings all use different techniques and sometimes I use multiple techniques in one painting. I go into a painting having the finished piece in my mind, basically how I want it to look.  Then I use any and all techniques to get that image on the canvas.  Overall, I do research on techniques and types of paint or lacquers that I can use to get the look that I want. I even have used iridescent varnishes as well as color-changing paint that is temperature-sensitive.

Daniel Paschal Original Acrylic Painting Outer Space planets

Daniel Paschal Space Planets Abstract 20×16 Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Darkness Into Light

Overall, my paintings and I have evolved over time. Especially as a representation of myself being an emotion. I went through a dark time in my life and so did my paintings and my work, but as time has gone by and I have come to terms with a lot of things, I am slowly coming out of that dark period.

I frequently utilize texture, or impasto, which adds a third physical dimension to the work. But within the context of the painting, it also yields another sense of time and space, perhaps reminiscent of the relief found on cave walls.

Sometimes I incorporate several themes such as horses emerging from within a stone wall or petroglyph to emphasize the impact of time and antiquity. Layers are a critical component of my paintings. Many of the initial layers are not directly seen by the viewer but come through as they affect the appearance of the uppermost layers. Color on color on color.

Daniel Paschal Original Acrylic Painting Dark Tide Ocean Water

Daniel Paschal Dark Tide Abstract 12×12 Black White Acrylic Painting on Canvas

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Kelly’s Collectibles and Online Art Gallery connects emerging, national and international artists with art collectors. Whether you are an artist or a consignor looking to sell your art or collectibles, we can get your items sold using the Ebay platform that is visible to millions of global collectors.
Picture of Kelly Shaeffer
Kelly’s Collectibles and Online Art Gallery connects emerging, national and international artists with art collectors. Whether you are an artist or a consignor looking to sell your art or collectibles, we can get your items sold using the Ebay platform that is visible to millions of global collectors.

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