Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Andy Warhol

Ivette Kjelsrud

"I’m a dreamer and that is the essence of my art."

About Ivette Kjelsrud

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Ivette’s work embraces opposites and contrasts. Through color and composition, she aims for harmony, simplicity and joy. Her paintings are bright yet delicate and they combine realism and abstraction. Ivette seeks to find balance, resulting in a poetic atmosphere and creating a unique painting style, inspired by nature and the West.

“I’m a dreamer and that is the essence of my art, says Ivette Kjelsrud. My goal as an artist is to remind us to see the beauty around us and to follow our dreams.”  Her inspiration comes mostly from nature. Ivette is fascinated by light, movement and color which account for her choice of subjects and is influenced by her immediate surroundings, experiences and the places she’s lived.

Ivette’s interest lies in capturing the soul of things rather than the details, always playing the line between abstraction and realism. She paints predominantly with a palette knife in mixed media and loves to explore and experiment, leading her to discover new techniques and continuing to bring fresh and unique results.

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