Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Andy Warhol

Richard MacDonald

"Richard MacDonald has approached the human form as a way to make expressive statements about the human psyche, by creating imaginative metaphors for states of mind: states of “being”."

About Richard MacDonald

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Richard MacDonald’s impact on contemporary figurative sculpture has dominated and shaped the field: to look at the sculpture of the human form today is to look—either directly, or through reflection—at the concepts revived or innovated by Richard MacDonald.

The artist’s legacy is still being built, but what we see now is the result of thirty years of intensive commitment and creative energy. Like all artists, he goes ahead of the mainstream in his ideas and practices, and what we see is the wake of a mind that is constantly searching and forever creating.

To bring the beauty and meaning of figurative sculpture to a wider audience Richard MacDonald created his distinctive Atelier Sculpture collection. This unique grouping of smaller scaled works in bronze are both part of the broader oeuvre of Richard MacDonald’s artistic endeavors, yet they stand apart in significant ways. Since the Renaissance, five hundred years ago, we value artists for their ideas, primarily, and secondarily for the work of their hands. For this reason, the ideas that are expressed in Richard MacDonald’s Atelier pieces carry forward his important ideas about humanity—its resilience, adaptability, and capacity for great beauty.

Available Items by Richard MacDonald

bronze sculpture of mime richard madconald

Richard MacDonald Rain Atelier Mime Bronze Sculpture

DESCRIPTION Richard MacDonald Rain Atelier Mime Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Artist’s Description Rain, Atelier leans forward to catch raindrops in his cupped palm, his imaginary umbrella held between the fingers of his up-stretched left hand. As the breeze ruffles his scarves, Rain, Atelier shows the gentle humor of the Mime.

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bronze sculpture of dancer richard madconald

Richard MacDonald Nureyev Atelier Dancer Bronze Sculpture

DESCRIPTION Richard MacDonald Nureyev Atelier Dancer Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Artist’s Description In Nureyev, Atelier, Richard MacDonald has captured a private moment of a legend with a juxtaposition of strength and grace. In this moment of reverie, a split-second observation reveals the incredible strength which is necessary to perform the

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