Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Andy Warhol

Markus Pierson

"The coyote series was born in 1986 after hearing the Joni Mitchell song Coyote."

About Markus Pierson

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Inspired by a Joni Mitchell song called “Coyote”, Markus Pierson explores the motif of the coyote in paintings, drawings, mixed-media sculpture, hand-pulled serigraphs, and found object assemblage. “I want the coyotes to whisper in their ears wild, irresponsible notions about self-determination and destiny,” he says. “I want them to grab people by the scruffs of their necks, to inspire them, to change their lives.”

Channeling the rugged individualism, fearlessness, and solitude of the coyote’s life, Pierson’s often-humorous images juxtapose anthropomorphic coyotes amidst vast rural landscapes with semi-autobiographical inspirational text. Later in his career, Pierson has incorporated political subtexts in his ever-evolving coyote series.

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Markus Pierson Perfection Limited Edition Print This is a Markus Pierson limited edition print. It is titled Cup of Gratitude and is one of Pierson’s most popular pieces. This item has SOLD. View more of Markus Pierson’s art here. Collectors On Kelly’s Collectibles and Online Art Gallery, browse through hundreds

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