Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Andy Warhol

Derrick DJ Webb

"Leaving a legacy is more than a wish. What I can leave behind and making a mark for others keeps me in the studio. "

About Derrick DJ Webb

photo artist derrick dj webb

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Derrick “DJ” Webb is an award-winning talent who thrives on collaborations as well as independent thinking while extracting his art, advertising, and design background.

Webb wants his paintings to vibrate, educate, and decorate beyond the canvas. With an uplifting painterly style and a dash of whimsy, he uses people and animals, dramatic lighting and shadows and vivid colors for his work.

He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA and received his first taste of freelance as a courtroom artist. His illustrations were featured on national broadcast news for a high-profile case. After that, Webb migrated into the advertising industry to stretch his art and ideation skills after acquiring his Master’s Degree from VCU Brandcenter.

While in advertising, his campaigns helped increase product sales by various degrees for clients like Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, Midas, Denny’s, Verizon, StateFarm, Nissan and more.

Webb returned to painting to create a new sense of purpose and legacy as societies worldwide shift to be more open and inclusive.

His inspirations come from culture, techniques from old masters and many contemporary artists to inform his work.

Webb continues to build on the common thread of his career of storytelling, purpose and touching lives along the journey.


Leaving a legacy is more than a wish. What I can leave behind and making a mark for others keeps me in the studio.

I strive for purpose in my work and to capture the essence of a story. Good stories have a plot, texture, and characters, whether human, animal or mythological beings.

Within my narrative work, I love capturing the attitude and mood of my subjects conceptually. I want my paintings to vibrate, educate, and decorate beyond the surface of wall-hanging as I want people to tap into their own emotions, deeds, and intentions.

My work aims to nudge the viewers’ thoughts beyond the surface of wall-hanging, emotions, deeds, and intentions.

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