Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Andy Warhol

Robert West

"Considered to be a realistic artist, Robert West uses an impressionistic technique to convey illusions of realism."

About Robert West

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ward-winning Idaho artist, Robert West, placed art on the back burner for many years and concentrated on his “day job.” However, not able to abandon art entirely, he turned to art and music to distract him from the daily grind.

He became a self-taught seascape artist when his love of coastal charm, waterfalls, and moving water, with its ever-changing wave action, grew irresistible to him.

Robert captures movement with deliberate brush strokes and then the glazing of color, all of which helps to convey a sense of movement in his water. Considered to be a realistic artist, he uses an impressionistic technique to convey illusions of realism.

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