Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Andy Warhol

David Frederick Riley Peek Grizzly Bear Cub Giclee Print

I don’t think there are too many things cuter than bear cubs on this earth. The intense curiosity and determination is palpable in their gaze. – David Frederick Riley

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Size in Inches (tall x wide)/Framed Price:

40×40 – $1,360

36×36 – $1,100

30×30 – $850

24×24 – $650

20×20 – $520

16×16 – $335

Canvas prints use a unique coating that produces the highest quality image using UL Certified Greenguard Gold Inks. Canvas prints are stretched on proprietary profile radial pine produced from renewable forests.

Framing: High-quality, hand-crafted moulding which is sanded & finished without toxins or chipping using 100% real pine wood in a matte black finish. Frames are ready to hang with pre-installed sawtooth hardware.

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Artist:  David Frederick Riley

Title: Peek

Sizes:  Available in 6 different sizes

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If interested in an original or commission painting by David Frederick Riley, contact Kelly at (408) 314-2668.

grizzly bear cub art print

Artist Statement

David achieves his unique spotted technique by flicking mineral spirits onto the wet canvas.

Artist Bio

David Frederick Riley is a gallery artist, portrait and wildlife painter, and illustrator. His painting is inspired by the universal narratives of the human condition, emotion and the similar elements that appear in Nature. David works primarily in oil, contrasting contemporary color fields and abstract space with traditional handling of the human form. He uses color harmonies to showcase emotion and the vibrancy of life. His work frequently illustrates themes of emotional and spiritual growth. David’s southwestern contemporary works are a unique approach to the wildlife and persons of the West: bison, longhorns, bears and iconic Native American figures. His palette is usually monochromatic, but the power of the imagery creates such an impression, that color is not missed. David achieves his unique spotted technique by flicking mineral spirits onto the wet canvas. David has a BFA and MFA in… Continue reading on artist page

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