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Legendary outdoorsman Dick Idol is selling 322 items from his private collection of exquisite Indian-Made Museum-Like Collectibles From the Fur Trade Era.  Excerpts are from Dick Idol.

All Collections have been opened up for individual sale of each item separately.  Contact us with any questions.

Collection Description

The entire collection has been divided into five separate subcategories: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 & 5000.  Buyers may purchase any or all of these collections, which will be offered on a first-come basis. Consideration will be given to buying more than one category.  The complete collection is comprised of 322 items.  As a convenience to potential buyers, we are furnishing pre-sale valuation estimates for all items. These estimated values are approximate valuations and should be taken as educated projections based upon the current market, comparable items and the scarcity for most items in these collections, not as actual “prices”.

artist studio of Native American collectibles artist studio of Native American collectibles

Collection 1000 (Antlers, Horns, Skulls)

This Collection offers a unique mixture of antlers, horns and skulls. This Collection has SOLD.

Locked Bull Moose Horns from Maine  –  SOLD

Larger Bull Moose Horns are approximately 60+” wide with 30 points.  When I bought these in the 1990’s, the larger bull was No. 1 all-time state record for Maine.  They are locked tight and some points have even punched holes in the other one’s antlers because of the incredible force in such a battle.  Finding locked moose antlers is an extreme rarity but when one is a current state record, there are no odds for that happening!  But it did!  Incredible showpiece!  Circa 1990’s or earlier.  $25,000.


Collection 2000 (Snowshoes)

This listing is for Collection 2000 which features one of the best snowshoe collections in existence.  Nearly all are Indian made by tribes and nations all across Canada and North America.  They represent some of the finest native artist talent who have learned from their ancestors.  Many “shoes” in this collection are extremely rare and almost impossible to find.

Number of Items:  70

Estimated Value:  $108,000

antique show shoes Native American made

Collection 3000 (Hudson Bay Tins, Bottles, Jugs, Boxes, Pots)

This Collection showcases a wide variety of tins, bottles, ceramic jugs, wooden boxes, pots and other containers that were sold by the Hudson Bay Company to natives, trappers, explorers, hunters and many others.

Number of Items:  65

Estimated Value:  $38,000

Hudson Bay jug fur trade era

Collection 4000 (Canoes and Paddles)

This Collection contains two of the most important cornerstones of the Fur Trade era:  bark canoes and paddles!  This category contains a fabulous collection of bark and dugout canoes ranging from very small trade canoes to a full size (15’3”) original Ojibwa canoe purchased from a museum in Minnesota. Like the canoes, paddles in this collection range from small ceremonial paddles to six foot examples that were used in the fur trade. Collectively, they are very striking as many have carved and etched figures, some have painted designs and others have very unusual shapes.    This collection also contains quilled bark baskets, wooden document boxes, trunks, imbricated Indian baskets and other great examples of items used in the Fur Trade era.

Number of Items:  65

Estimated Value:  $106,000


Collection 5000  (Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols)

This Collection contains a variety of items used in the Fur Trade era.  Long guns (rifle), shotguns and belt pistols were essential for protection, hunting, food gathering etc.  This collection also offers a wide variety of traps including factory traps, handmade traps, Indian made spears and several Newhouse bear traps like the Slick Pan Six (nearly impossible to find).  A listing of other items include skins, stretchers, decoys, cabin scenes (models), shooting and game bags, carved Noggin canoe cups, hand carved crooked knives, creels, capote coat, Blackfeet beaded Indian moccasins, quilled and beaded Possible bag, showcases and other fine examples in this collection.

Number of Items:  67.

Estimated Value $67,000)

Vintage shot gun

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Contact us with any questions.

About the Artist Dick Idol

Over the last several decades, Dick Idol’s uncharted path has taken him down a road unparalleled in the outdoor world. After college, Dick moved to Alaska where he owned and operated one of the top taxidermy businesses, which eventually evolved to include guiding, outfitting and booking hunts for big game clients around the world. With a degree in Wildlife Biology, Dick subsequently spent many years actively pursuing his outdoor passions of hunting, taxidermy and guiding in Alaska, Africa, the West and most other big game frontiers of the 70’s and 80’s.

In the 1970’s Dick began to focus on his special interest, Whitetail deer. He spent more than 40 years amassing the greatest collections of famous Whitetail deer antlers in the world, including the famous Hole in the Horn buck, both archery typical and non-typical world records, many state records and generally the largest and most well-known Whitetails in North America. (Based on the Boone and Crockett scoring system). Today, the collection resides in the Bass-Pro Museum in Springfield Missouri.

More About Dick Idol:

In the early 1980’s Dick co-founded North AmericanWhitetail Magazine with “Game and Fish Publications”. Dick became its most featured writer and photographer, publishing hundreds of articles and photographs. The magazine quickly became number one in the industry and remains in that position today.

Dick launched a show circuit in the 1980’s displaying his whitetail collection, which has been exhibited across most of North America. At most shows Dick was the featured expert speaker and outdoor personality. During this period, Dick co-founded the first “Whitetail Show” called the “Dixie Deer Classic” in Raleigh, N.C. and he would continue on to help other states establish their own shows.


Local pickup in Whitefish, Montana or delivery can be arranged.

Visit my eBay store, Kelly’s Collectibles for other Western Art and Collectibles. Feel free to email any questions.


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