Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Andy Warhol

Leah Smith Mufasa Lion 36×48 Acrylic Painting

Title:  Mufasa

Dimensions:  36″ tall x 48″ wide

Medium:  Acrylic and oil on canvas

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Leah Smith Mufasa Lion 36×48 Acrylic Painting

Arkansas wildlife artist Leah Smith creates acrylic paintings of wildlife, birds and other animals. This painting is titled Mufasa.

lion painting artwork


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Artist Statement

The reason behind my art is to inspire, challenge, and bring wildlife up close and personal to those who rarely get to experience these animals in the wild and in person.

Artist Bio

Leah Smith is a self-taught artist with a love for wildlife, photography, and beautiful, high-quality artwork. Born and raised in the beautiful state of Arkansas, Leah grew up around wildlife. She comes from a family of avid hunters and fishermen along with a list of talented artists. Her love for painting derived from watching her grandmother paint with oils while watching Bob Ross paint on television when she was a child. Leah prefers using acrylics when starting her paintings and finishing with a top layer of oils while painting on canvas, wood, hardboard, or panel. Leah makes painting waterfowl her priority while entering many state Duck Stamp competitions. She is a member of the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society and strongly believes in the preservation of our nation's wetlands. She also believes in helping organizations such as The National Wild… Continue reading on artist page

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