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Lot of 16 Vivi Crandall Wildlife Prints Framed and Rolled


Item:  Lot of 16 Vivi Crandall Wildlife Prints Framed and Rolled Moose Owl Rabbit Elk
Lot Includes:
Rolled Prints:
1.  Billy Deep and Blowin’ (billy goat) 20×24 – Ltd Ed 208/670
2.  Night Watch 18×16 (mule deer) – Ltd Ed 144/670
3.  Wascally Rabbit 16×12 – Ltd Ed 588/670
4.  The New Generation (ferrets) 24×21 – Ltd Ed 713/760
5.  Casa Blanca 26×23 (cougar) – Ltd Ed 592/670
6.  Skinny Dippin’ (moose) 28×23 – Ltd Ed 818/850
7.  Wash Bears(1) 20×24 – Edition of 760
8.  Wash Bears(2) 20×24 – Edition of 760 (duplicate)
Framed Prints:
9.  Wild Street Poster
10. The Billy Club (billy goat) 22×22 – Edition of 940
11.  Buddy System (bighorn sheep and wolves) 26×20 – Edition of 760
12.  Shadow Play (whitetail deer) 24×30 – Ltd Ed 6/50
13.  Totem Pole (owls) 6×24 – Edition of 760
14.  Rookies (wolf and rabbit) 21×24 – Edition of 670
15.  Finder’s Keeper (wolves) 23×15 – Edition of 670
16.  Golden Eyes (cougar) 10×8 – Edition of 670
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wolf in snow print

Artist Bio

About the Artist: Warm, effervescent and a study in perpetual motion, Vivi was equally comfortable at home, at the easel, in the mountains or at a gala opening. Her 20 years in the West, coupled with her extensive European art training, is a blend that allowed Vivi to produce today's most noteworthy Wildlife Art. Vivi accomplished what all artists strive for; a recognizable style all their own…. The detail she achieved was amazing with soft focus and the frequent use of motion that added to the lifelike appearance of her paintings. Vivi's crowning glory, however, was the inner luminescence of the eyes - best described as "Alive". It obviously worked. Collectors waited, sometimes years, for an original, and her limited edition prints are still carried in over 300 galleries. Perhaps more importantly, Vivi's art has raised over a million dollars… Continue reading on artist page

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