In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir


Anasazi Native American Smoky Sage Ground Pot

Handmade pottery vessel by Native Americans in Southwest Arizona, Anasazi. The exterior is painted with black pigments on a gray-white background and it tapers into a pointed base. Anasazi pottery was created by coiling clay and smoothing the surface before painting, then finally firing. Anasazi pottery was an invaluable utilitarian item for storing agricultural goods as well as a commodity for trading.

Marked on Bottom:  Anasazi  / 2002 / Smoky Sage Ground Pot

Black yarn wrapped pottery ring included to display pot

Condition:  No cracks or chips.

Purchased from Clay Mesa Art Gallery and Studio in Cortez, Colorado  in 2006 (invoice included)

Measurements:  6″ tall x 9″ at widest point / opening at top 3.75″



Item Details

artist signature pottery

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