Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” – Anni Albers

Navajo 12" Ceremonial Basket By Evelyn Cly of Utah

This is a Navajo basket purchased in April 1990, at Twin Rock Trading Post, Bluff, Utah. Made by Evelyn Cly, a Navajo who lives in Monument Valley, Utah. Sumac is the material used in making the basket. Ritz dye was used for the coloring.

Navajo Ceremonial Baskets – The center spot in the basket represents the beginning of this world, where the Navajo people emerged from a reed.

Evelyn’s baskets are known for their extremely tight weave and open geometric designs. Perhaps the best indicator of how valuable her baskets are is that different traders have her baskets in their private collections.

Artist:  Evelyn Cly

Condition:  There are a few places where reeds appear to be broken.

Measurements:  12″ in diameter by 2″ tall



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