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Nicolai Fechin Signed Limited Edition 1978 Hardcover Book Persimmon Hill



Nicolai Fechin Signed Limited Edition 1978 Hardcover Book Persimmon Hill


  • Signed by Eya Fechin, daughter of Nicolai Fechin
  • Features paintings, drawings and sculptures by Nicolai Fechin
  • Published by the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center
  • Great vintage condition. Dust jacket has minor minor wear and tear. Marks from black marker appear on inside cover (same page as signature)
  • Limited Edition¬† 978 of 2,000
  • Published in 1978

nicolai fechin signed book

eya fechin signed book


Artist Bio

Nicolai Fechin is one of the most important portrait painters of the 20th Century. In addition to his portraits, his paintings of Native Americans and of the New Mexico desert landscape are considered among his best works. Most visitors find something to intrigue or delight them in the works of Nicolai Fechin. The brilliance of his painting style and the bold imagery one encounters in his drawings is undeniably arresting. His exuberant use of line and color to define form creates an immediate impression of energy and purpose. In his representations of people, one sees a remarkable ability to capture the essence of personality in paint or on paper, along with an intensity of feeling that reveals much about the artist's attitudes toward art and life. In pencil and charcoal drawings, oils, sculptures and photographs, Fechin's work brings to the… Continue reading on artist page

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