Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Andy Warhol

Pigcasso Painting Pig Butterfly Snout Signed Limited Edition Print

One of the most extraordinary Masterpieces ever painted is now available as a Limited Edition print. No gift more original than this – a fluttering Butterfly painted by the divinely fine fabulous swine. Best of all? Proceeds go to Farm Sanctuary SA!

Title:  “Butterfly” 

Size:  630 x 510mm (approximately 23″ x 27″)

Year:  2020

Limited Edition

All limited edition prints are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. The date and print number is certified by Joanne Lefton, Director and Founder of Farm Sanctuary (S.A) South Africa where Pigcasso lives.

Snout Signed: Nose-tip signature by Pigcasso in pig-friendly beet juice blended with acrylic paint 

Framing:  Unframed and rolled up so you can choose any frame you like


This contemporary Pigcasso print is an authentic limited edition print made from an original Pigcasso from Farm Sanctuary, South Africa. This print is personally snout-signed by Pigcasso, the world’s only painting pig.  We are the only authorized US distributor allowed to sell Pigcasso prints so get them while the limited editions are still available!  100% of proceeds (less Ebay and Paypal fees) benefit Farm Sanctuary SA’s mission to inspire compassion for farm animals.

Pigcasso painting pig

Pigcasso the Painting Pig from South Africa

Artist Bio

As the world’s only painting pig, Pigcasso is an original. From pork chop to heralded headliner, Pigcasso is on a mission to paint a better picture for the planet. Art critics agree that Pigcasso has the talent to boldly go where no pig’s prints have gone before - Into the finest art galleries of Paris and New York, providing she doesn’t eat them all first, of course. From pork chop to hog heaven at Farm Sanctuary SA, Pigcasso loves the good things in life: Eat. Sleep. Eat. Paint - and that's no hogwash! At almost 2000 pounds, Pigcasso is one 'heavy-weight' expressionist, creating masterpieces with fellow creative, Jo Lefson. Their primary purpose besides keeping the sanctuary sustained from the sales of the works? To highlight the devastating effects of animal agriculture on climate change while showcasing their Abstract Expressionist collections… Continue reading on artist page

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