Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” – Anni Albers

Shawn Mackey Giddy Up II Giclee Print

Get those boots on, and get ready for an adventure.

Limited Edition

Hand-Embellished Artist Proofs

Giclée on Canvas

30″ x 40″ (Ltd Ed of 125) – $2,875 (Add $500 for 2″ Universal Frame)

36″ x 48″ (Ltd Ed of 95) – $3,995 (Add $600 for 2″ Universal Frame)





Artist Bio

Shawn Mackey was born on August 11, 1984 in Edmonton, Canada. Growing up in the long cold winters of Canada, he had ample time to draw and let his creativity flourish. Mackey’s parents, who were both teachers, would bring home boxes of scrap photocopy paper for him to draw on. He would cover hundreds of sheets with pictures of everything from Italian sports cars, to the elaborate floor plans of luxury mansions, to a variety of superheroes and cartoon characters pulled from his own imagination. From a young age, Mackey’s talent was evident and this was paired with a growing entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of eight, he was already collecting payments from his classmates for hand-drawn pictures of cars. At this time he was no stranger to causing a stir with his art. He received lectures from his teachers… Continue reading on artist page

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