Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Andy Warhol

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pigcasso painting pig world tour oink
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Pigcasso The Painting Pig Less Meat More Art

Pigcasso the painting pig releases Andy Warthog single edition prints to partly fund a ground-breaking exhibition, OINK! Less Meat. More Art. Here’s your opportunity to invest in art history! Pigcasso the painting pig is releasing 177 Single Edition Prints in order to partly fund a ground-breaking exhibition.  OINK! A ‘Pork-Provoking Journey

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Pigcasso painting pig abstract art print
Artist Highlights

Pigcasso The Painting Pig

Pigcasso The Painting Pig Meet Pigcasso, the painting pig. Pigacasso was rescued from the brink of extinction at a South African pig farm. She has risen up to become one of the most popular Abstract Expressionists of our time. From New York to Paris, Saturday Night Live, CNN and BBC,

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